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all which isn't singing is mere talking

  • Instrumentation: SSA a cappella
  • Completed: May 2006
  • Duration: 6 minutes
  • Texts: E. E. Cummings, poem
  • Audio:
  • Published:

    Lorenz Corporation. Click to peruse/purchase

  • Dedication:

    With many thanks to Francisco Núñez for his insight

  • Program Note:

    A finalist composition in the 2006 New York Sings! A Composer’s Symposium, this work is an energetic and rhythmically exciting setting of E. E. Cummings’s take on excess noise in modern society. In it, the power of singing is echoed and restored through the blessing of silence.

  • Performances:

    January 21, 2010 (Premiere)
    Oklahoma Music Educators Association Conference
    Bixby High School Women's Chorus
    Connie Coleman, director
    Trinity Episcopal Church - Tulsa, OK