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a piece in miniature

  • Instrumentation: 2 clarinets
  • Completed: December 2003
  • Duration: 6 minutes
  • Program Note:

    Duet for Two Clarinets was written at the request of Rebecca Frye and Heidi Miller. 

    Its conception is quite unique and explores the idea of looking at something at increasingly finer depths of accuracy and detail, much like the different lenses of a microscope.

    The entirety of the piece is contained in the first bar.  This is looked at a bit closer, and the result is the piece again, this time in nine measures.  This happens at three different places in the piece:

                2.5 X   - measure 2

                10 X    - measure 11

                40 X    - measure 41

    These numbers are meant to conjure different microscope lens gradients; they are not instructions to play that section 40 or 2.5 times. 

    The piece was premiered on February 16, 2004 at the Ithaca College School of Music in the Hockett Family Recital Hall by Rebecca Frye and Heidi Miller, clarinets.

  • Performance Notes:

    The piece makes use of a few extended techniques and modern notation, mainly, the insertion of quarter tones.  These do not have to be played with quarter tone fingerings, but rather, the pitch above or below should be bent to the given pitch. 

    All trills are 1/2 step trills unless otherwise noted.

    A variety of different spatial / lighting ideas can also assist in the performance.  These may include gradual darkening or lightening of the space, different stand setups that require the performers to move as they perform the music, or whatever other creative ideas may be appropriate.

  • Performances:
    • February 4, 2004 (preview)
      Student Composition Recital
      Rebecca Frye and Heidi Miller, clarinets
      Ithaca College - Hockett Family Recital Hall - Ithaca, NY
    • February 16, 2004 (premiere)
      Elective Senior Recital
      Rebecca Frye and Heidi Miller, clarinets
      Ithaca College - Nabenhauer Recital Room - Ithaca, NY