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A Suite for Clarinet and Piano

  • Instrumentation: clarinet and piano
  • Completed: December 2005
  • Duration: 9 minutes
  • Movements:
    1. Prelude – Getting to know you…
    2. Whispered Seductions
    3. Gigue (playful)
    4. Counterpoint, dialogue, fussiness…
    5. Obnoxious Fears
    6. Don’t forget…
    7. Epilogue – Song for Clarinet and Piano
  • Program Note:

    Dance! was written for Matt Libera’s Senior Clarinet Performance recital on April 10, 2006, and was premiered on my Senior Composition recital on April 1, 2006 in Ford Hall, James J. Whalen Center for Music, Ithaca College, Ithaca NY.

    The piece is dedicated to Matt and his fiancée (now wife) Becky. The work attempts to explore stages in a relationship between two people, including the incredible amount of history one can learn about the person in such a short time. Yet even this wealth of information only scratches the surface of a relationship between two people… pages upon pages and volumes upon volumes and more can be learned, shared, and experienced together as they grow over time.  

    Musically, the suite never stays in one world for more than a movement, and you will hear quotes from Bach, Orff, and suggestions of musics everywhere in between. The suite is rounded out by a simple song, originally composed for my friend Leah Jones on her birthday in 2003. Matt, Becky, and I have all been blessed to enjoy Leah’s friendship during our college days, so the song written for her and her horn (though heard here of course for clarinet) is a fitting conclusion to the suite.

    *** And, of course... the very same Matt Libera is the man who, 9 years later, created this brilliant new web site for me and my music! ***

  • Performances:
    • April 1, 2006 (premiere)
      Dominick DiOrio Senior Composition Recital
      Matt Libera, clarinet & Mary Ann Miller, piano
      Ithaca College - Ford Hall - Ithaca, NY
    • April 10, 2006
      Senior Recital 
      Matt Libera, clarinet & Mary Ann Miller, piano
      Ithaca College - Ford Hall - Ithaca, NY