work details


  • Instrumentation: trumpet, violin, and piano
  • Completed: May 2007
  • Duration: 6 minutes
  • Program Note:

    Connections for Violin, Trumpet, and Piano was commissioned at the request of Sarah Dash for the 65th birthdays of her parents Lynn and Jan Dash, from their loving family: Sarah, David, Ulf, and Baby Julian.  The title of the piece was chosen in recognition of the family's birthday celebration and the wonderful continuation of generations that has occurred. 

    It is also reflective of the musical material used, including specifically cycles of rhythms and pitches.  The character of the music has an expansive, soaring, singing, jubilant quality - celebratory without being rambunctious.  I've worked to create a music that is settling and represents the groundedness of the family's history.  The composition makes use of an ostinato rhythmic pattern.  This simple repeating rhythm permeates the entire work, connecting it if you will, and showing that the music always continues, just as the generations of peoples go on one after the other without ceasing.  

    The quality of the music draws from the minimalist tradition of Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and John Adams, and uses this stylistic borrowing as a point of departure from which to frame this celebratory music.