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To Catch A Fish

the second song in the "Dream A New World Trilogy"

  • Instrumentation: SA and piano
  • Completed: August 2020
  • Duration: 2 1/2 minutes
  • Texts: On a poem of Eloise Greenfield
  • Commission and Dedication:

    Commissioned by and dedicated to the Children's Chorus of Washington
    and artistic director Margaret Nomura Clark in celebration of their 25th anniversary.

  • Composer's Note:

    To Catch A Fish is the second of three songs written for Margaret Nomura Clark and the Children’s Chorus of Washington in celebration of their 25th anniversary. Setting Eloise Greenfield's whimsical poem about growing awareness and diligent perseverance, my musical setting is a tribute to the wit and adventure of youth. A playful piano ostinato figure is used throughout, reflecting the mood - and impatience! - of the child on the lake.

    This work may be performed on its own or together with Daydreamers and Praise Song for the Day as part of the Dream A New World Trilogy. It is dedicated with fondness to Margaret Nomura Clark and the Children’s Chorus of Washington.


  • Text:

    To Catch A Fish
    by Eloise Greenfield
    (Reprinted with permission.)

    It takes more than a wish
    to catch a fish
    you take the hook
    you add the bait
    you concentrate
    and then you wait
    you wait     you wait
    but not a bite
    the fish don’t have
    an appetite
    so tell them what
    good bait you’ve got
    and how your bait
    can hit the spot
    this works a whole
    lot better than
    a wish
    if you really
    want to catch
    a fish

  • Performances: