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Come, Great Love

  • Instrumentation: SATB and organ
  • Completed: April 2020
  • Duration: 4 minutes
  • Texts: "Hymn for Northminster," an original hymn text by the composer
  • Commission and Dedication:

    Commissioned by and dedicated to the Northminster Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir (Indianapolis, Indiana) and John Wright, Director of Music Ministries, in celebration of their new pipe organ, CB Fisk Opus 154.

  • Program Note:

    I was delighted to receive the commission to write a new celebratory choral anthem for the Northminster Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir and their director, John Wright. In composing this work, John shared a number of texts with me that fit the spirit and joy of the occasion: the commemoration of their new organ, CB Fisk Opus 154, a long-held dream finally come to fruition. Rather than set a pre-existing text, I felt moved to write a new text (“Hymn for Northminster”), which became the inspiration for this chorus and organ work: Come, Great Love.

    This work holds a special place for me, as it is the first piece that I have written since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in our world. It took me many days to find the reserves of joy and optimism that are usually "easy to access" for me. For this reason, I offer my thanks and sincere gratitude to John and the NPC Chancel Choir, as they've helped me to rediscover and rekindle my own joy in a time of much loss.

    -- Dominick DiOrio, April 2020

  • Original Text:

    Hymn for Northminster
    Copyright © 2020 Dominick DiOrio

    Come, great love, our song you inspire.             
    Come, dear friends, and join in the choir.           
    Here in this place, a new bell is sounding;         
    Hear in this place, the organ resounding:           
             “Glory to God,” it calls us to sing,                
             “Glory to God, Alleluia!”                                       

    Come, great sun, and brighten our day.             
    Come, once more, and show us the way.          
    Here in this place, a new son is rising;                
    Hear in this place, the lesson surprising:            
             “Glory to God,” you teach us to pray,           
             “Glory to God, Alleluia!”                                

    Come, rejoice, and lay down your sword.           
    Come, great peace, the word of the Lord.          
    Here in this place, a new life is stirring;               
    Hear in this place, the spirit unerring:                  
             “Glory to God,” our voices shall rise,          
             “Glory to God, Alleluia!”                                

    Come, great love, and make us your own.         
    Come, we now, to kneel at your throne.             
    Here in this place, a new light is growing;           
    Hear in this place, Creator all-knowing:              
             “Glory to God,” forever we sing,                  
             “Glory to God, Alleluia!”         

  • Performances:
    • Premiere Performance TBD