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We Will Do Miracles

  • Instrumentation: SSAA and piano
  • Completed: January 2018
  • Duration: 3 1/2 minutes
  • Texts: Adapted by the composer from Walt Whitman's "Song of the Open Road"
  • Video:
    • We Will Do Miracles

      Performance: Cincinnati Children's Choir - Robyn Lana

    • Meeting the Composer

      On writing a new work for the Cincinnati Children's Choir 25th Anniversary

  • Score Preview:
  • Gallery:
    • With the Cincinnati Children's Choir and Robyn Lana.
      March 2018

  • Commission and Dedication:

    Commissioned by the Cincinnati Children’s Choir Board of Directors in honor of Robyn Lana
    and the 25th anniversary of the Cincinnati Children’s Choir

  • Program Note:

    I received a call a few days before Christmas 2017 from my dear friend Robyn Lana. Robyn told me that she was in urgent need of a new piece for the 25th anniversary of the Cincinnati Children’s Choir, and asked if I could write a work to be premiered a few months later for their Spring concert. She shared a few texts with me by Walt Whitman that had a bit of the message and spirit she wanted in the new work. A few days later, I sent her a revised text of my own creation, and we were off to the races!

    We Will Do Miracles is unapologetically boisterous, and it has a driving and infectious energy throughout. The text is hopeful and aspirational, perfect for an occasion of joy and celebration. I am honored and delighted to dedicate the work to Robyn Lana and the beautiful young voices of the Cincinnati Children’s Choir.

    -- Dominick DiOrio, January 2018

  • Text:

    Text adapted by D. DiOrio from Walt Whitman’s
    “Song of the Open Road”


    We will do miracles.

    We travel the open road, the world before us:
    All is beautiful.

    You, air that serves us with breath to speak, to sing:
         You are our words.
    You, earth before us with possibility:
         You are a picture alive.

    Air, earth, world:

    You express us.
    You reflect us.
    You are more to us than our words.
    You are our poem.
    You are our song.

    We will live here with you and do miracles.

    We are larger than ourselves.
    We are better than we thought.
    We are the possibility of the world.

  • Performances:
    • March 18, 2018 (Premiere)
      Cincinnati Children's Choir
      25th Anniversary Concert
      Robyn Lana, artistic director
      Corbett Auditorium - Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music - Cincinnati, OH