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03 december 2022
Student vocal ensemble, NOTUS, to join Singing Hoosiers in annual ‘Chimes of Christmas’ concert

The Singing Hoosiers will start the holiday season on a musical note with their traditional concert, “Chimes of Christmas.” This year, the concert will also feature the vocal talents of IU’s African American Choral Ensemble and the contemporary vocal talents of the student choral ensemble, NOTUS. 

10 november 2022
Chorus pro Musica's Music as Religion

Dominick DiOrio’s All Is and Jocelyn Hagen’s Ophelia left a particularly invigorating impression.

06 october 2022
Student vocal ensemble ‘NOTUS’ to bring recorded music to a new digital era

The way we listen to music is changing along with technology, and IU’s vocal ensemble NOTUS is at the forefront of it all.

13 may 2022
REVIEW: Dominick DiOrio, Fetter & Air

A very daring effort, the composer Dominick DiOrio employs the many voices of the Mendelssohn Chorus of Philadelphia for the 562 audio files and 61 chorus members that explore hopes, dreams, fears and desires.

12 may 2022
Mendelssohn Chorus of Philadelphia Highlights Evolution of Music

Dominick Diorio speaks to Philly Live’s Lucy Bustamante about the traditional and adventurous music of the Mendelssohn Chorus of Philadelphia

Lucy Bustamante


31 march 2022
The Inside Story: Dominick DiOrio and FETTER & AIR

Today, Dominick is our featured artist in “The Inside Story,” a blog series exploring the inner workings and personalities of our composers and performers. Read on to learn how his love for cooking influences his creative process, and how his latest release stands out from his other repertoire…

28 january 2022
Fetter and Air

It’s a weird and somewhat disturbing experience. I strongly suggest listening to it on headphones to get the full “mess with your head” experience because it really is engineered in (at least) three dimensions.

13 december 2021
Seraphic Fire offers spiritual solemnity and discerning choices in annual Christmas program

"... the work by the contemporary American composer Dominick DiOrio evocatively expressed the traditional conception of the season’s weather, with high soprano tones that sounded like the sunlight shining through bare branches and aggressive notes that captured the cold wind’s bite."

22 january 2021
Beautiful a cappella sacred choral music from Ars Veritas and Schola Cantorum

In truth, the contemporary works are very much in the spirit of their predecessors. It is true that such techniques as syncopation, and, in the Petersson Tempest adest floridum, the injection of spoken text, are distinguishing features in the modern compositions. And I have to confess that at the conclusion of DiOrio’s Verbum caro factum est, the repeated exhortations to the Virgin Mary (“Maria!”), made me think of Tony in West Side Story. But I chalk that reaction up to what my voice teacher once pointedly and good-naturedly described as my “very active mind.”

31 december 2020
Holiday Concerts in Review: 6 shows that went on despite the pandemic

... for this Christmas concert, Dunphy used a mixture of American jazz and dream choirs, sung magnificently by the newly named Mendelssohn Chorus. My fear that I would hear atonal music that I usually only can stomach when performed by modern ballet dancers dissipated within seconds: This music made me want not only to eat more pies, but more importantly listen to sounds that made me feel at home, but also lyrics that made me think. ...

It was the first time that I saw the brilliant new conductor, Dominick DiOrio, wearing a festive red jacket, conducting over 70 singers, and the three musicians—Eric Schweingruber on the trumpet, Nathan Pence on bass, and Travis Goffredo on drums—leading to one of the most joyful holiday choral experiences.

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