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event: Art for Art's Sake (Presented by Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra)

May 14, 2023

4:00 pm

Northminster Presbyterian Church - Indianapolis, IN

Musicians of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra


Five musicians from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra will hold two concerts to support art therapy for families of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra. The initiative, “Art for Art’s Sake,” benefits MYO students and their families by connecting them with a valuable therapeutic resource that improves and enriches lives.

The concerts are free to the public with the request for a donation. The concerts will take place at the following times. No reservations necessary.

The ISO musicians include Roger Roe, English horn (The Ann Hampton Hunt Chair); ISO Concertmaster Kevin Lin, violin; Austin Huntington, principal cello; Ivy Ringel, bassoon; and Kent Cook, piano.

All proceeds from the concerts will contribute towards art therapy provided by the Art of the Soul.Therapists work with MYO families using evidence-based methods to address issues including anxiety, depression, grief, relationship difficulties, life coaching, behavior issues, life transitions and effects of trauma.

Music to include:

Elegy for Innocence (2008) by Jeff Scott (b. 1965) Ivy Ringel, bassoon; Kent Cook, piano

It Takes Your Breath Away (2021) by Dominick DiOrio (b. 1984) English Horn and fixed electronic media: poem by Margie McCreless Roe Roger Roe, English Horn

Piano Trio No. 1 in B Major, Op. 8 by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Kevin Lin, violin; Austin Huntington, cello, Kent Cook, piano

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Musicians of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

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