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08 February 2018

Performance a royal banquet of variety, scope

by Peter Jacobi (Herald Times)

Dominick DiOrio, it must be said, is a superb choral conductor. In the few short years he has been member of the Indiana University Jacobs School’s choral department, he has taken the important Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, now with the added name NOTUS, on fascinating voyages of discovery, all the while shaping the choir’s sounds to be flexible, edgily precise, lusciously warm and whatever the music being sung calls for.

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12 December 2017

Musik für die innere Ruhe

by Sabine Sipos (Mannheimer Morgen)

Wer bei „You don’t walk alone“ zunächst an den Fußballclub „FC Liverpool“ und dessen „Fan-Song“ an der Anfield Road dachte, irrte. Dominick Diorio hatte das Thema zu einem hinreißend Lied gemacht, das der Kammerchor stimmlich perfekt interpretierte. Etwas weihnachtlich wurde es mit „Christmas Lullaby“ und „Christmas Carol“, zwei Kompositionen von John Rutter. Großartige Soprane, warm timbrierte Männerstimmen – das war es, das diesen Abend zu einem Quatro-Forte-Konzert vom Feinsten machte. Den stehend gespendeten begeisterten Schlussapplaus konnten der Chor und die Solistinnen verdient entgegennehmen.

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17 November 2017

Famed conductor's absence doesn't hinder performance

by Peter Jacobi (Herald Times)

The campus residency of famed composer Krzysztof Penderecki at Indiana University and its Jacobs School of Music began last week with the visiting luminary taking charge of rehearsals for a performance Wednesday evening in the Musical Arts Center of his “St. Luke Passion,” which he was to conduct as the high point of his Bloomington stay.

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12 November 2017

IU hosts another renowned composer

by Peter Jacobi (Herald Times)

As of earlier this weekend, another composer of note came for a visit, he, too, to offer his wisdom about a composition being performed here. In his case, however, there was a second reason for coming. He came to actively participate in the performance itself. The also eminent contemporary composer Krzysztof Penderecki made his journey to conduct a major work of his, the “St. Luke Passion.”

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12 October 2017

Pine Bluff singers among St. Mark’s Episcopal guests

by Editors (Pine Bluff The Commercial)

“The ‘Common Hopes’ performance is presented to give the Central Arkansas community a chance to reflect on recent events and leave the evening inspired to be agents of peace and love in their communities,” Tim Allen, St. Mark’s organist and choirmaster, said in a news release.

One particular point of interest in the concert will be a performance of Down Deep, written by Dominick DiOrio, of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and the 2014 winner of the American Prize in Composition. Down Deep will be performed by the Hendrix Choir.

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23 June 2017

Music Within Reach: Great Pieces for Your Smaller Men's Choir

by Brandon Moss (ChoralNet)

The newest of the pieces is “If There Is” by Dominick DiOrio.  Here the composer sets text adapted from a Scottish blessing that connects “courage in the heart” to “peace in the world” by way of “the soul”, “the home”, and “the nation”.  Featuring a percussive piano part, “If There Is” provides conductors the opportunity to work on rhythm (there is a lot of syncopation!), clean cut-offs, phrase shaping, and intervals (especially whole- and half-steps as the tonality shifts often).  As in “Sweet Rivers”, this piece begins in unison and then breaks into two and three parts.  The piece explores a wide range of dynamics and articulations and will be well-liked by your singers.

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17 April 2017

Movement Zero - Episode 4 - Identiy, Love, and Death with Dominick DiOrio

by Bobby Conselatore (Movement Zero)

This week, we interview composer Dominick DiOrio. Dominick is one of the youngest-ever tenured conducting faculty members at Indiana University’s Jacob School of Music, and his work with the school's vocal ensemble NOTUS has earned him acknowledgment as one of today's most important young composers. Join us as we follow Dominick through some of the most profound themes of his music - identity, love, and death. 

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On A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass...

The Houston Chamber Choir premiered Dominick DiOrio's "A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass", a four-movement robust choral virtuosic showcase inspired by the imagist poetry of turn-of-the-century Nobel Laureate Amy Lowell. When he said that he had written for a professional choir who could do just about anything, he wasn't kidding."

-- Joel Luks, CultureMap

On Alleluia...

I personally remain suspicious when perusing any copy of new music with the title "Alleluia" after Randall Thompson as it is hard to say more than he did, strictly in the choral idiom, so long ago. That being said, I too can evolve and Dominick DiOrio has crafted a thrilling new treatment worthy of attention and praise."

-- Sean Burton, Iowa ACDA Summer Symposium

On "Stabat mater dolorosa..."...

DiOrio’s setting is highly effective, in a lucid modern idiom, with Near’s sweet tone well conveying the placid denial of brutal reality... The Ave Maria is one of the most striking modern settings we have heard, and was our favorite bit of music for the evening.

-- Vance R. Koven, Boston Musical Intelligencer

On Klytemnestra: the original subversive female...

Dominick’s music has a dramatic complexity and depth that really resonates with me. Klytemnestra’s music has an interwoven quality – web-like, veiled, cyclical, a masterful interplay between the parts. The music is deeply psychological and reflective of a Greek heroine.

-- Misha Penton, artistic director of Divergence Vocal Theater, courtesy of Sequenza21 and Chris Becker